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Construction Clean-Up

Construction Clean-Up

At Quality Janitorial we specialize in providing you with experienced crews to relieve you of your construction clean-up worries.

Here are some of the basic services of Quality Janitorial for Construction Clean-Up:


  1. Any and all trash, dirt, and debris removed from the interior of the unit and disposed of as directed

  2. Kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, and vanity tops cleaned and polished

  3. All cabinets, vanities, and other stained woodwork and stainless steel sinks polished

  4. Inner and outer surfaces of all windows and sliding glass doors cleaned and shined

  5. All sink fixtures cleaned and shined

  6. All medicine cabinets, mirrors, and bath accessories cleaned and shined

  7. All electrical fixtures and trim cleaned. All electrical outlet covers sanitized

  8. All appliances wiped

  9. All packing materials, temporary labels, and operating or maintenance manuals removed, as directed

  10. All wood bases, casing, and sills cleaned

  11. All wood shelving cleaned

  12. Outside and inside of all exterior doors cleaned (including thresholds)

  13. All finish hardware cleaned and shined

  14. All tile and linoleum floors swept and mopped

  15. All exterior storage areas, garages, patios, and stoops swept

  16. Floors or carpets vacuumed as required (including edging)

  17. Heating/cooling ducts vacuumed

  18. Lampshades wiped down or dusted - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat